Achievements by the OFDC

With the various schemes implemented by the OFDC for promotion and growth of the film industry, the industry has taken rapid strides and the achievements in brief are as follows: 

  •  Establishment of Kalinga Studios with complete facilities for Indoor Shooting, Outdoor Shooting, Editing, Dubbing, Music Recording (Mono & Stereo), Mixing in 16mm, 35mm and Cinema Scope format.
  •  Establishment of Prasad Kalinga Film Laboratory for processing and printing of Colour and Black & White films in 16mm, 35mm and Cinema Scope format.
  •  Establishment of a video complex in Kalinga Studio for production of video films, telefilms and serials with facilities for editing, recording, dubbing and shooting.
  •  Organisation of 16 numbers of Regional Film Festivals for screening of various award winning and Indian Panorama films.
  •  Organisation of 9 numbers of Children’s Film Festivals in collaboration with Children Film Society of India.
  •  Organisation of the 5th International Children’s Film Festival in the year 1987.
  •  Organisation of 13 numbers of Foreign Film Festivals.
  •  Sanction of subsidy to 216 numbers of Oriya feature films.
  •  Sanction of subsidy to 34 numbers of non-Oriya feature films and subsidy to 9 numbers of documentary films.
  •  Sanction of subsidy to 8 numbers of new cinema houses equivalent to ET collected for first two years.
  •  Sanction of loan for construction of cinema houses to 86 numbers of entrepreneurs.
  •  Sanction of Soft Loans for production of 95 numbers of Oriya feature films.
  •  Sanction of Term Loan for production of 36 numbers of Oriya feature films.
  •  Establishment of an office complex known as Chalachitra Bhawan to house the head quarter of the OFDC at Cuttack with a Film Archive and Pre-view Theatre.
  •  Declaration of film production and cinema hall construction as industrial activities.
  •  Enforcement of Compulsory screening of Oriya feature films in the Cinema Houses since 11th December 1978.
  •  Opening of a regional office of the Board of Film Certification.