The first Oriya film “SITA BIBAHA” was produced in 1934 by Late Mohan Sundar Dev Goswamy. Thereafter the production of films was hardly one or two in a year. The State had no facilities of Studio, Colour Laboratory, shooting equipments etc. for which the filmmakers of the State were completely dependent on facilities available outside the State. Till 1979, the State had produced only 83 films and there were only 117 Cinema houses in the State. With a view to promote the growth of the industry and to provide all infrastructure for production of films, the Government through the Orissa Film Development Corporation Limited implemented different promotional schemes for its rapid growth. 

Role of the Odisha Film Development Corporation Ltd.

The Odisha Film Development Corporation Ltd. was established in 1976 as a nodal agency for implementing the State Government’s policies and schemes to promote the growth of the film industry. in Orissa. The objectives of the Corporation, interalia are as follows- 

  •  Compulsory screening of Oriya films. 
  •  Financial assistance to private entrepreneurs for construction of new low cost Jananta and Rural Cinema houses in semi urban and rural areas and renovation of existing cinema houses. 
  •  Setting up a studio complex to facilitate the Indoor Shooting, Dubbing, Editing, Music Recording, Mixing and B.G.Scoring etc. 
  •  Setting up a colour processing laboratory to develop and printing of motion pictures. 
  •  Setting up a Video Complex for production of telefilms and serials. 
  •  Providing subsidy to producers for production of Oriya films and special subsidy to other language films. 
  •  Financial assistance to producers for production of Oriya feature films. 
  •  Holding of Regional Film Festivals. 
  •  Holding of Children’s Film Festivals. 
  •  Holding of Foreign Film Festivals & Documentary Film Festivals. 
  •  Grant in aid to cine societies.